Holistic Evaluation

Use Case Definition

Aim and scope

The analysis of renovation scenarios often includes a wide range of different considerations with multiple objectives. In addition to calculations on energy performance, this can include parameters on comfort (thermal, acoustic, air quality), costs (invest, LCC, operation, yield), sustainability (embodied CO2, emissions, water consumption) or other experts or stakeholders’ evaluations on e.g. aesthetic appearance.

Much of this information comes from different, usually very specialized, tools, calculations and evaluations. Their results must be combined for a holistic view with multi-criteria objectives. This is done in a common dashboard.

The application of this use case is particularly recommended if there are many possible renovation scenarios and if several tools, calculations and evaluations are used.

The use case addresses planners and decision-makers as the primary actors involved in the decision-making process for selecting a renovation option to be implemented. Based on this, the representations are also suitable for explaining and justifying decisions to other stakeholders.

Project Group

  • Julius Jacob, jacob@metabuild.io
  • Tariq Kaddoura, kaddoura@metabuild.io



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