bSI Use Case Management Service (UCMS)

The service offers a guided process for developing an information delivery manual (IDM) based on ISO 29481-1: 2016. It ensures a common language and a uniform understanding of BIM / VDC applications (use cases) within the entire construction and real estate industry. Use cases help both the customer and the contractor in defining the BIM goals of a project. In a subsequent step, the specific information exchange requirements are created.


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Your engagement

You would like to get actively involved in the Use Case Management of buildingSMART International? By doing so, you will make an important contribution to a better understanding of the BIM methodology, to the faster delivery of corresponding Information Delivery Manuals (IDM) and to the overall improvement of BIM projects. The Use Case Management Service allows all stakeholders to collaboratively develop their projects in a co-creation space and subsequently publish them on the UCM website.

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Are you a member of bSI or active in a bSI Room? To start a project with the UCM, just contact bSI and get full access to the UCM Co-Creation Space for free. 

Are you a Chapter leader or part of a buildingSMART Chapter? Help develop the UCM for your region and better help support your end-users.

Companies, associations, and institutions can purchase access to the UCM and develop your own brand inside the platform. Contact the team for more information.



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