Creating Digital Engineering Certification System


Submission for buildingSMART International «openBIM Award 2023»

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At present, there is no complete standard system to judge whether the data delivery results meet the actual needs of various stages of engineering construction, and there is also a lack of corresponding evaluation system for the safety, applicability and standardization of digital assets. In order to ensure the quality, safety and availability of digital assets in the railway field and improve the fluency of information model completion and delivery, it is urgent to carry out digital engineering certification in the railway field.
The concept of openBIM, which aims at improving interoperability and multi-domain collaboration, provides rich technologies and ideas for the implementation of digital authentication. It not only controls the quality of IFC models generated by various software, but also improves the handover process of completed digital assets, promotes multi-party cross-stage collaboration, and promotes the circulation and application of railway digital projects in the whole life cycle.

1.Pre-preparation: Before the initial inspection of certification, investigate and exchange the digital engineering project management ability and model product quality of the certified party, so as to understand the degree of conformity between the current situation and the standards.

2.Publicity training: provide training on Digital Engineering Certification System, Digital Engineering Certification Guide for Rail Transit, relevant standards and specifications of railway four-electricity specialty, detailed guidelines and ISO 19650 standards.

3.Rectification and perfection: data compliance inspection based on ISO 19650

4.Information model inspection: See UC- Information model inspection. On-site review: quality assurance capability check of production unit, product consistency check of information model, consistency check of drawings and models, and consistency check of objects and models.

5.Issue a certification decision 


1.Lossless transmission of design-construction-operation information model (information quality control)

2.Ensure that the submitted completed assets meet the operation and maintenance needs based on the information model.

3.OpenBIM concept and ability improvement of all participants. 

Project Group



The documents reflect the current best practice and do not claim to be complete. They should not to be understood in the sense of a generally valid recommendation or guideline from a legal point of view. The documents are intended to support appointing and appointed parties in the application of the BIM method. The documents must be adapted to the specific project requirements in each case. The examples listed do not claim to be complete. Its information is based on findings from practical experience and is accordingly to be understood as best practice and not universally applicable. Since we are in a phase in which definitions are only emerging, the publisher cannot guarantee the correctness of individual contents.

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  • Published on: May 30, 2023
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