Guide to Use of Industry Foundation Classes in Exchange of Reinforcement Models

Management Summary

This guide provides a protocol for the exchange of data related to reinforcing steel between software applications. This guide presents a human-readable list of reinforcing steel entities, attributes, property sets, and relationships, with sufficient specificity so that the format and syntax for machine-readable exchanges based on Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) can be employed, enhanced, or developed. This specific set of exchange requirements is referred to as a model view definition (MVD). Material and geometric attributes, property sets, and relationships, both required and optional, that address most reinforced concrete applications for buildings and nonbuilding structures are presented. This guide is intended to be used by building information modeling (BIM) software developers to assist in the development of consistent and accurate exchanges of reinforcing steel information between applications.

Keywords: attribute; building information modeling; model view definition; Industry Foundation Classes; reinforcing steel.


Author: ACI Committee 131

Publication Year: 2017

Pages: 53

ISBN: 9781945487811

Formats: Protected PDF/Web View

Project Group

  • Christopher D. Brown (Chair)
  • Allan P. Bommer (Secretary)
  • Mark Douglas Agee
  • Daniel D. Berend
  • Richard H. Birley
  • Daniel Bittrich
  • Brady G. Buckley
  • Barry B. Butler
  • Peter J. Carrato
  • Jeffrey N. Cochrane
  • James T. Davy
  • Charles M. Eastman
  • Dennis J. Fontenot
  • Sidney Freedman
  • David A. Grundler Jr.
  • Michael Gustafson
  • Michael G. Hernandez
  • Harrison Rolfe Jennings
  • Julian Kang
  • William M. Klorman
  • Andrew R. Lloyd
  • Ronald L. O’Kane
  • Andrew Pinneke
  • Joseph C. Sanders
  • William J. Shebetka
  • Carl Taylor
  • John B. Turner
  • Peter Zdgiebloski
  • Special acknowledgement and thanks to D. Yang, Research Scientist at the Digital Building Laboratory in the Georgia Institute of Technology, for his contributions to this guide.



The documents reflect the current best practice and do not claim to be complete. They should not to be understood in the sense of a generally valid recommendation or guideline from a legal point of view. The documents are intended to support appointing and appointed parties in the application of the BIM method. The documents must be adapted to the specific project requirements in each case. The examples listed do not claim to be complete. Its information is based on findings from practical experience and is accordingly to be understood as best practice and not universally applicable. Since we are in a phase in which definitions are only emerging, the publisher cannot guarantee the correctness of individual contents.

  • Document Type : Guideline
  • GUID : 51165001-22C5-4CA0-8EEC-02845B10F271
  • Identifier : ACI PRC-131.2-17
  • Revision : V1.0.0
  • Project Status : Approved
  • Published on: Mar 6, 2023
  • Last change: Mar 16, 2023
  • Publisher: American Concrete Institute (ACI)
  • Author: Coleman, Barbara | ACI Committee 131

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