Concept Approval

Use Case Definition

“Concept approval” is the process gaining permission, endorsement and encouragement from external stakeholders. There may be a parallel assessment by the internal stakeholders.

Aim and scope

  • Permission or indication that the project will be allowed to proceed
  • Creation of a constraining spatial, physical and process envelope within which the ‘technical design’ must continue to fit


  • To expose the proposal to external scrutiny


  • Any assessment by internal stakeholders such as funder, client, operators or potential users, tenants or occupants, is a different use-case that may have more extensive or different information requirements
  • "Concept Approval" may also require the preparation of social, environmental and economic reports of undefined scope and detail


  • National, regional and local regulatory requirements

Project Group




The use cases do not claim to be complete. Nor are they to be understood in the sense of a recommendation or guideline that is generally valid from a legal point of view, but are intended to support the client and contractor in applying the BIM method. The use cases must be adapted to the specific project requirements. The examples given here do not claim to be complete. Information is based on practical experience and should therefore be regarded as best practice and not generally applicable. As we are in a phase in which definitions are only just emerging, buildingSMART cannot guarantee the accuracy of individual contents.

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