buildingSMART Switzerland

buildingSMART Switzerland is the leading platform for the digital transformation of the Swiss construction and real estate sector and includes institutions, associations and companies along the entire value chain.

Our aim is to improve the digitization capabilities and thus the end-to-end cooperation of all parties involved throughout the entire life cycle of a property.

Use Case Management

Building Information Modeling (BIM) / Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) enables a sustainable increase in quality, the realization of efficiency gains and higher added value. However, these goals can only be achieved if there is a clear regulation of the information flow between all project participants. This approach is essential to exchange information in collaborative work efficiently and without errors.

Throughout the entire process of plan, build, operate, the required information must therefore be defined for each BIM/VDC application (Use Case) in the appropriate phases. For this purpose, buildingSMART has developed the Information Delivery Manual (IDM), a methodology that serves as a guidance. It describes who does what, when and in what level of detail and who delivers to whom. The methodology is a published ISO standard (ISO 29481 series)

Use Case Management offers a structured approach to the development of an IDM / Use Case. The service ensures a common language and a uniform understanding of BIM / VDC applications. Use Cases help both the appointing party and the appointed party to define and manage BIM/VDC projects. The use cases describe the current best practice and follows an openBIM approach.


Are you or your company interested to engage yourself in the Use Case Management? You will make a significant contribution for a better comprehension and implementation of the BIM methodology in the Swiss construction and real estate sector.

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